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5 GT Turbo OE Dial Replicas Members Only Maximum 3

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Made exclusively for the RTOC by Lockwood these polycarbonate high quality replica replacement dial faces are as close as you will get to the original Renaults ones.

They are a lot more difficult to manufacture than the single colour, eg, white, dial kits, etc, as they require many more print processes and on both sides with extra colours and with the need to match the original colours, opacity, translucence. The cutting process is a lot more difficult taking about 6 times longer to do.

The set includes:
Speedo (MPH and km/h)
Rev counter with Turbo
Fuel (both older and newer styles)

Replace those faded dials with a new bright Orange glow!!!

RTOC members can read the fitting guide here

Old dial faces:

New dial faces:

NB: To fit these you DO need to:
•Remove the instrument panel from the car,
•dis-assemble it and
•remove the needles.

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