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Koni Sport shock absorbers (Yellows) for Reanult 5 GT Turbo ph 2

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One set of four shock absorbers.  Brand new direct from Koni.


You have to supply or re-use your own springs.  Lowering up to 35mm.

The maximum lowering permitted is 35mm. Please ensure that bump stops are re-fitted so that no damage occurs to the valving should the damper bottom out.

These are for the phase two 5GTT, ie, E reg August 1987 onwards.

Not the phase one 1986 to 1987.

Koni 'Yellows' have adjustable resistance for the rebound damping but pre-set resistance for the bump damping.  Although this can (perhaps could) be 're-valved' by Koni in the UK if desired for use with much harder springs than OE.

They do not have adjustable height.  Height is set by the spring open length and spring lb / inch, same as 5GTT Original Equipment suspension.

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